sth-ele Franklin .jpg

1a franklin street, leederville 

This house is designed as urban infill on a small block in central Leederville, Perth.

The aim of this project was to see what could be achieved for a very small budget. In essence, this provides a template for a young, growing family looking for a low budget house that provides a more comfortable, rationalised spatial arrangement than a project home. The intent is to focus on low cost materials and use them in an articulated sense without pushing complexity in detail.

The base of the house is intended to be a stark, heavy volume whilst the framed upper level opens up to the south to reveal views to the city skyline and north to allow winter light and cross ventilation.

The project is structured as a design & construct being complete in under 10 months in construction. 


Status: Construction (Completion December 2016)

Project Type: House

Client: Private

Materials: Timber, Masonry


Team: Matt Delroy-Carr